School Staff and Leaders

Parish Priest

Fr Tony Shallue

Leading Teacher

Michael Kearton


Classroom Teachers

Diana Rinaldi

Josh Carr

Markeeta Green

Mark Butters

Bianca Vescio

Carolyn Deith

Bridget Woodward

Michael Kearton

Linda Murcutt

  Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Coordinator

Kristi Gladstone


Heather Hulett

IT Administrator

James Davis


Carly Avery

RE Coordinator

Markeeta Green

Drama Teacher

Jane Satori

Italian Teacher

Diana Rinaldi

Art Teacher

Jodie Cuskelly

PE Teacher

Josh Carr

Education Support

Irene Sharp

Imogen Thomas

Reading Recovery Teacher

Glendah Halliday

Administration Officer

Jo Bayliss

Finance Officer

Taryn Bromilow

Expectations and Outcomes




  • Respect for each other, adult or child, as demonstrated by the use of good manners, appropriate dress (including the correct wearing of school uniform), and compliance with school rules and regulations as set by the School Education Board, and by the principal and staff.

  • Pride in their personal contribution to the community.

  • Loyalty to the school community.


  • Encouragement, understanding and support for the school’s programs.

  • Active participation in the life of the school, including our decision making process, as well as participation in a wide range of voluntary activities.

  • Cooperation with other members of the school and parish community.

  • Acceptance and active support of the Catholic ethos of the school community.

  • Participation in the child’s spiritual, sacramental and pastoral education processes.

  • The fulfilment of all financial obligations to the school community.


  • Commitment to the Catholic faith and ethos.

  • Loyalty to the school/parish community.

  • Integrity and professionalism.

  • An overriding personal commitment to each individual child under their care.

  • Sensitivity to the needs of families and parents.

  • Commitment to professional and personal development.

  • Commitment to school and personal “review and development”.


At St Joseph’s Primary School, we endeavour to educate students to:

  • Be passionate life-long learners.

  • Be fully engaged in their learning and pursue personal academic excellence.

  • Be resilient, optimistic and self confident.

  • Be empathetic, accepting and respectful.

  • Be active in caring for the environment.

  • Be open to challenges and opportunities.

  • Be of service within the local and global community.

  • Know and value the beliefs, rituals and traditions of the Catholic faith.

  • Be responsible for their own learning choices and actions.