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Beliefs and Goals

  • All families seeking an Education at St Joseph’s for their child are welcomed.

  • Parents and staff share the privilege of working together to provide this Education.

  • Parents need to support: the Catholicity of our school, our Vision Statement, Identity Statement and Graduate Outcome Statements, and our current school policy documents.

  • Providing enrolment to all who seek an education within our school.

  • Seeing no child is disadvantaged because of financial circumstances.

  • Working within class size guidelines as outlined by Catholic Education Office and current Industrial Agreement.

Enrolment Procedure

  • On inquiry about enrolling at St Joseph’s Primary School, an Information package is presented to parents and an interview time is made.

  • At interview parents/caregivers are made aware of the school procedures and policies. A tour of the school (preferably when children are in class, to get a feel for the school.) Any specific questions are asked during the tour or in the interview.

  • Enrolment forms can be submitted at this stage. (Enrolment forms can be downloaded from the website.)

  • Acceptance of Enrolment will be acknowledged with a letter sent home to families or a phone call.

  • Transition Days are organised with the kindergartens, and parents/caregivers of new Foundation children are sent the dates with the above acceptance letter. Dates are also on the school website.

  • Buddies (grade five students) are allocated to a new Foundation child.

  • When enrolling students whose previous school was interstate, schools must use the protocols of the Interstate Student Data Transfer Note as it is a mandatory requirement of the Australian Government.

  • Students wishing to transfer from another local school, the protocol between schools is to discuss the reasons for the change and before the decision to change school, parents are requested to try and resolve the issues at the current school of enrolment.

  • Full fee paying overseas students may only be enrolled in at St Joseph’s after the needs of local students who are eligible for enrolment have been met.

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