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  • To have high expectations of all students even though we have different standards for different levels.

  • To have high engagement through setting tasks at an appropriate level/standard.

  • To have clearly focused teaching so that students know the expectations.

  • To assist students in developing positive social and procedural skills, to develop good work habits and to use goal setting and self assessment that will link to the reporting process.

  • To use a variety of assessment techniques to assess students, such as: samples of work, observations, anecdotal records, data collection, formal testing and self assessment.

  • To provide programs that are meaningful and challenging yet achievable at each student’s appropriate level and by using learning centres and co-operative groups to cater for different styles of learning.

  • To provide a balance of individual, group and whole class teaching.


  • We use a variety of teaching and learning strategies to enhance teaching and build thinking skills.

  • We use the Teaching and Learning Module to select appropriate strategies for each year level.

  • We endeavour to use an inquiry approach to deliver Teaching and Learning experiences.

  • Organisation Materials from the diocesan Teaching and Learning Module along with our own collection are reviewed at staff meetings each term and teachers trial new ones. These are shared and discussed at whole staff and in unit levels, along with any new ones found to be successful.


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  • Teaching and learning are integral to life, they occur at any time, in any place and at any age.

  • Students can and do learn from each other.

  • Student’s goal setting and self-assessment enhance learning.

  • The inquiry approach to teaching and learning is the most effective method.

  • Students become independent learners when they are encouraged to take responsibility for and develop ownership of their learning.

  • Students have different styles of learning and learn best, when challenges build on existing knowledge, are realistic and achievable.

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