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Identity Statement

St Joseph's School is a Catholic community promoting excellence in education, and living the ideals of Strength and Kindliness in the tradition of the Brigidine Sisters.

Vision Statements

       St Joseph's is committed to:

  • Giving witness to the Catholic faith and honouring the Brigidine charism.

  • Ensuring all children are safe and feel safe.

  • Treating each individual with respect and dignity.

  • Providing excellent teaching and learning opportunities allowing all to celebrate gifts and talents.

  • Ensuring a safe and nurturing learning environment.

  • Developing strong partnerships with Parish, family, school, wider school community, and the natural environment.

Graduate Outcomes

At St Joseph's we endeavour to educate our students to:

  • Be passionate life-long learners.

  • Be fully engaged in their learning and pursue personal academic excellence.

  • Be resilient, optimistic and self confident.

  • Be empathetic, accepting and respectful.

  • Be active in caring for the environment.

  • Be open to challenges and opportunities.

  • Be of service with the local and global community.

  • Know and value the beliefs, rituals and traditions of the Catholic faith.

  • Be responsible for their own learning choices and actions.

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